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Unsolicited applications as a rule will not be responded to. Unaufgeforderte Anfragen werden normalerweise nicht beantwortet. Applications non solicités en général ne sont pas repondus.


Established with Charitable Status (Gemeinnuetzigkeit) in Vaduz, Liechtenstein on February 12, 1988 with the belief that, after all, our greatest legacy to future generations is art, the International Music and Art Foundation makes grants to facilitate the improvement and dissemination of the visual and performing arts, as well as the study and preservation of art and culture from the past. "Preservation" includes the conservation and restoration of individual works of art and architecture as well as cultural and environmental documentation and preservation. Specific interests of the Foundation include, but are not limited to, the fine arts (painting, drawing, sculpture), music, theatre, and architecture ("frozen music" Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1829).
The International Music and Art Foundation does not make grants to individuals, only to recognized and established organizations:
  • in the performing arts such as opera companies, symphony orchestras, chamber music ensembles, ballet and theater companies, etc.;
  • for architectural restorations and for the conservation of art;
  • to museums;
  • and for research and publication on the history of art.


The Foundation wishes to encourage projects that promote values in line with our particular interests that are well informed, that have clearly defined goals, and that are innovative and risk-taking, while acknowledging traditional standards of excellence and responsibility to the art form.
Grants are not made for the establishment of new organizations, for travel expenses, nor for meetings, workshops, conferences, or seminars held for the purpose of planning or organizing a project or activity.
We prefer to learn about projects through informal investigations of what we find promising. Unsolicited applications as a rule will not be responded to.
With assets (Balance Sheet) of approximately 40,552,378 Swiss Francs as of 31 December 2015, the International Music and Art Foundation makes grants ranging in size from several hundred to several hundred thousand Swiss Francs, with most grants falling towards the median of 15,000 Swiss Francs. Our average grant is 30,778 Swiss Francs. Whenever possible, the Foundation prefers to issue challenge grants conditional on matching Foundation grants with funds from other sources. The Foundation prefers not to make grants for operational support.
All grantees must provide detailed financial reports and maintain complete records documenting the use of the grant. The International Music and Art Foundation may make periodic site visits and whatever other investigations it deems important.
The Foundation expects tangible outcomes from grantees, and all grants will require a written report from the recipient detailing how the Foundation's support was used and accounting for all expenditure of funds at the end of the grant period, or annually if the grant extends beyond one year.
Funded project designs often reflect a blend of the applicant's initiative and the Foundation's input. The International Music and Art Foundation recognizes that promising approaches and worthwhile organizations often need more than financial assistance. Therefore, the Foundation Trustees may serve as Board Members of compatible organizations and, if appropriate, will participate on policy and advisory bodies consistent with the Foundation's interests.  The Foundation welcomes collaboration with other grantmakers and favors grantseekers with multiple sources of support.
Brigitte Feger, Lic.iur.
Walter Feilchenfeldt, Lic.oec.
Kurt Kimmel
International Music and Art Foundation
Heiligkreuz 40
P.O. Box 39
FL-9490 VADUZ, Liechtenstein
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and discourage contact through any other means.
Unsolicited applications as a rule will not be responded to.

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